Drawings for Morran

I am a sucker for animals. My whole life I have drawn them and cared for them, nursed them and said good-bye to more than my heart can sometimes bear. People who don't think animals have a soul have never stared into their eyes or sat down and shared a quiet moment with them. Ok, so sometimes I harbor a hatred for the squirrels and rats that ransack my garden, but then they don't like to hang out with me like dogs, cats or chickens. It's only natural that what I put down on paper is my love for the world's creatures, dogs being very close to my heart. One of my favorite blogs Pikaland posted a link with a call for drawings of a certain little dog that is nearing the end of her journey here on earth. Sweet Morran is the companion of a favorite artist of mine Camilla Engman, and after seeing her little face I just couldn't resist sending in a couple of drawings to show my support for a very loved little dog. We lost both our dogs this year, and drawing them has made my heart a bit (not much) lighter as the days pass. So here is to you dear Morran! ;o) 

Thanks for your comments!


awwww. beautiful. i know.

Feeling both sad and happy now.

WOW these are really adorable! Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend and love to you!

Your drawings are so well done, gentle and heart warming ~ Love them! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy AEDM ^_^

Your drawings are gorgeous!

Hello Rebecca, just to say I think your site is beautiful already..! Announcing giveaway results today (once kids are back from school and can do the draw!!)